Reflecting and Learning together 2021/2022

Supervision group for Supervisors, Coaches and Consultants from different countries who want to share their cases and questions and find new solutions.

The best way to learn about different realities, solution patterns and points of view is by working together and reflecting about it.

As an educator, supervisor, coach, expert and consultant I spent my life learning from others and coping with differences as well as gaining from them.

During the last year we all experienced, how much of our work is possible via internet. That makes it now possible for me to offer an international group to colleagues and friends who share my professional ethics and are curious to learn and develop.

The idea is to meet monthly or bi-monthly. We will fix the dates on our first meeting.

Start: Autumn 2021 – 4 hours – late afternoon, evening (Vienna time) ,
Costs per session: one hour teaching supervision in your country (Austria 90+18 Euro)
Language: international English

Register for further information: Please send a mail to