Supervisors and Coaches for Ukraine

In August the first training course for supervision and coaching according to ANSE standards ended in Lviv /Lvov/Lemberg in Ukraine. On 18 August 2018, the first nine participants from all over Ukraine graduated with very interesting theses.

The participants have received their training according to European standards and have proven with their papers that they can offer professional support in Ukraine in many fields and that they are qualified contact persons for foreign companies and institutions.


At the presentation, they introduced their papers and focussed on  the  question:
Who can benefit from the results of my paper?


Three of the papers show how and where you can use supervision in the reality of Ukrainian companies and projects,  and what you have to pay attention to.
  • Valeriy Bessarab wrote about experiences in introducing supervision and coaching in a classical Ukrainian company,
  • Olena Dobrodniak and Viktoria Sliusarenko reported on an integrative (psychodynamic-systemic) supervision approach as part of a change project for Civil Service,
  • Iryna Ivleva on using supervision and coaching in a stress management program for a fast-growing company.

Two papers were particularly concerned with the use of supervision and coaching in dealing with the crisis situation in eastern Ukraine since 2015.

  • Vilena Kit shared the experience with effective coaching tools that help veterans‘ reintegration into the work process,
  • Svitlana Muravska wrote about the problem of supervision in groups of volunteers with secondary trauma.

Two works can be seen as concrete support for the work of coaches and supervisors and as a contribution to the establishment of the Ukrainian Supervision Association

  • Victoria Korsun produced a handbook of techniques supervisors and coaches can use to initiate self-reflection.
  • In the first part of the work, Olha Pashko developed a quality management system based on the Competences Model – ECVision – for the Ukrainian association USSC (member of the ANSE).
  • In the second part, Zvenyslava Kechur provided support for the Ethical Committee with her contribution to Professional Ethics.

I wish all graduates
good luck and success for the future!



Original titles of the papers
Bessarab, Valeriy , The specificity of an Internal Coach’s work in Ukraine drawing on the example of one supervision in the profit organization
Dobrodniak ,Olena, Sliusarenko , Viktoria, Integrativer Supervisionsansatz im Rahmen der Organisationsentwicklung (Psychodynamisch-systemische Nachreflexion eines Auftrags in ukrainischen Realien)
Ivleva, Iryna , Wie kann der Supervisor den/die SupervisandIn bei der Selbstfürsorge unterstützen?
Kit, Vilena, Effective Coaching Tools to support war veterans in their adaption to (resuming) peaceful life in professional life (as illustrated by the analysis of demobilized servicemen of the irregular army during combat operations in the East of Ukraine, corpus of 2014-2018)
Korsun, Victoria, Techniques for developing reflection as the main tool for individual supervision and coaching

Muravska, Svitlana, Risks of supervision in a group of volunteers-psychologists with secondary trauma
Kechur Zvenyslava, Pashko, Olha Key Issues on applied Competency model and Ethic Code to maintain QM process in supervision\coaching fields

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