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I had the great pleasure of working closely with Elisabeth (Sissi) Alder Würrer in designing and implementing the first employee resource group and network  – the Erste Women´s Hub – at Erste Bank Group, AG. Sissi provided essential structural and methodological expertise and know-how which we needed in ensuring that the network has targeted goals and KPIs, thus ensuring its sustainability.  Her professionalism and her delightful personality and sense of humor not only guaranteed the success of our initiative, but ensured that we had fun in the process.  Vera Budway-Strobach, Group Diversity Manager, Erste Bank Group, AG.
Some Videos from that work


Elisabeth Alder-Würrer is a very experienced facilitator and networker. She made the meetings of the International Knowledge Network of Generali a success for the Generali group and for the people taking part. By that she gives extra power to the Network and because of that we reached more. Her moderation was excellent, sharp and to the point. Jaap Oudijk director Generali Direct at Generali Nederland nv. member Supervisory Board Gemiva-SVG Groep

I had a pleasure to work with Sissi within Generali International Research Network. She made a great impression on me with her skills as group moderator and networking catalyst. Sissy knows many modern techniques for groupwork and is able to make this work efficient and interesting. The meetings were always perfectly organized. Sissy has a great sense of humor and is very friendly person, can keep a good atmosphere between meeting participants.  Piotr Grabowski Risk Manager at Concordia Ubezpieczenia

What to say about Sissi? She’s not only a loveable person but she’s a motivator too! One way or the other she always knows to find your personal strength and appeal to that.
Practically, she changed my live from a ICT technician, to an open ear between customer and business process (nothing to do with ICT). The best example is her introducing me to David Snowdon, over 15 years ago now. David learned me to open my eyes to see what’s really behind a user or business requirement and not choose a preoccupied ICT view just to fix the wish that is formulated.
If you want a coach that brings out your personal strength in a way you can’t imagine yet: Sissi
Edwin Boon Infra consultant – Security officer

Sissi, besides being a very professional and competent colleague, is also a person very careful to relationships and human factor on which she continuously works in order to improve the motivation and effectiveness of the team she coaches. Working with her has always been a pleasure.
Giulio Carrato  Insurance Industry Experienced IT Manager

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