Intensiv Workshop: Consulting and Coaching in English – getting started now

Janet Livingstone Short, intensive workshop for professional management consultants, trainers, coaches and therapists – approach tailored to specific fields.

Sessions are team-taught with
Janet Livingstone a native English speaker.

Date: 9th (evening) to 11th of May 2014 ( noon)
Location: Wien
Fee: € 360 (incl. VAT)
Small Group: up to 7 people

Course content is based on a long experience in various areas of coaching, counseling and process consulting. Participants learn in small groups through interactive exercises and continuous feedback with personal attention from a professional, native English-speaking trainer.

Contact info and registration:
Elisabeth Alder-Würrer, Hofgasse 4/10, 1050 Wien, , +43 664 3906922




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