International Meta Supervision Group starting in September

Lehrsupervisionsgruppe ab September 2022

Since January an international group of supervisors work successfully together in a meta/teaching supervision group via ZOOM. The participants come from different countries. In these challenging times, we share our experiences and learn together. Now there are new supervisors interested but everyone from the old group wants to continue after the summer.
Therefore, I am starting a second group in September.
This new annual group starts via ZOOM on September 15, 2022 at 05:30 PM Vienna time.
Language: English – ANSE’s broken English 🙂

Limited number of participants.
Registrations are now possible with Elisabeth Alder-Würrer, teaching supervisor at the ÖAGG (ÖVS Standard). +43 664 3906922 or
Target group: People who make use of meta-/teaching supervision on a regular basis and want to improve their ability to work as supervisors on the Internet.
If you are interested fill in your contact details and I will get in touch with you.

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